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"... sinto-me com motivação e ambição para continuar a ajudar a instituição a crescer e a afirmar-se como uma referência internacional.", Luís Seca

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"Era uma vez uma criança que teve a sorte de ter um tio que lhe explicou como os foguetões escapavam à força da gravidade deitando fora os tanques de combustível vazios para ficarem mais leves...", Abílio Pacheco

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"I know that INESC Porto offers great competencies and facilities in OFS. This means that we can develop the best sensor configurations and interrogation techniques for the sensing platforms.", Mohammad Zibaii

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Difíceis tempos estes que vivemos, onde até dos pés nos vemos à rasca. Que o diga Joana Esperança, uma jovem desconhecida que viu no INESC Porto a salvação para as suas aflições.


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Asneira Livre

Researching at INESC Porto and living in Portugal

Mohammad Zibaii*

I am an Iranian PhD student with a background in Physics and Photonics working at the Laser and Plasma Research Institute of the University of Shahid Beheshti (Iran). I work in the area of optical fibre sensors (OFSs) in industry and biomedical applications. I am currently collaborating with INESC Porto as part of a programme supported by both INESC Porto and the Iranian Ministry of Science.

I began working at INESC Porto five months ago. Prior to this I worked on OFS applications for the oil industry as well as optical fibre biochemical sensors to measure DNA sequencing and DNA-Drug interaction in real time. I know that INESC Porto offers great competencies and facilities in OFS. This means that we can develop the best sensor configurations and interrogation techniques for the sensing platforms.

As a research student at INESC Porto, there are many aspects that I must mention. The university staff are very helpful here and always try to assist students. From my own experience, I can vouch that the secretary helps to solve any work-related problems as much as she can. My supervisor fully supports me in my research and has helped me make the most of my time here in Portugal. In addition, INESC Porto has collaboration programmes in place with various leading universities. This presents a real opportunity for research students who can opt to pursue part of their studies in a different environment. Within my group, success is measured by the effectiveness of the solution, rather than the time it takes to solve the problem. And the friendly   atmosphere here makes it easy to collaborate with other researchers in any field. I am pleased to be contributing to the objectives of such an institution, where high quality work, problem solving, research and innovation are all highly valued.

My wife has accompanied me on this scientific journey and we both like Porto very much because of its weather, beautiful landscapes and, most importantly, its historical heritage and architecture. It is worthwhile mentioning that Porto is included in UNESCO’s world heritage list. The Portuguese people have shown us great hospitality and they are very friendly. We enjoy the time we spend with my friendly supervisor, collaborators, staff and Portuguese and Iranian friends. In addition, they accompany us when visiting Portugal’s fantastic landscapes, mountains, forests, vineyards, rivers, oceans and villages during the holidays.

All in all, I am really happy to be studying here.


*Colaborador na Unidade de Optoeletrónica e Sistemas Eletrónicos (UOSE)